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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


    Patient 23 years of age female was referred at Civil OPD on  8-6-2011  by a Homoeopath who had treated her for her menstrual complaints for 5 years ; referred her to an endocrinologist before two years under whom patient was taking treatment since then .Patient has undergone several Hormonal  investigations and was on following prescription.


Patients parents  were now worried for their daughters marriage life in future as she was on lots of medicine due to menstrual irregularities and they wanted to switch over to Homoeopathy as they tried a lot in Modern Medicine.
As patient was on steroids and synthetic hormones for such a long time it was difficult to get true picture of the disease so took the general approach and  case was recorded as follows:
Menarche : 14 years
Patient shy, introvert type accompanied by her parents who were narrating her complaints. On  enquiring anything patient seems to be confused and could not reply at first instance .Patient always wanted mother to be on her side v. much dependent on her mother .Patient is v. much protected in her family as she is not much confident about herself in dealing with outside world. She has unknown worry and anticipation for any incidence  before it occurs (sort of clairvoyant type !)and her anticipation proves to be correct most of the time according to her.
On asking about her complaint she had much fear and anticipation as if she will not get well any more She had almost lost all  hopes as she is now fixed in her mind that her problem will never get cured .
As  she was on synthetic hormones true picture of her Menstrual cycle was not present .On enquiring patient gave the history of having complain of heavy bleeding for 8 – 10 days /every 30 +4-5 days /clots + liquid /dark indelible stain  since four years which is now normal for 3 – 4 days /29 -30 days /flow normal dark /indelible stain v.difficult to wash off with Allo Rx as above .
Few days before menses patient has pain abdomen as if menstrual flow will start.
Weight increasing since 4 years .
Thermal: Hot
Thirst: Less
Craving :  Salty ,Spicy
Stool :  NAD
 Urine : NAD
 Dreams :  Frightful
Skin :  small warts with peduncles scattered all over the body and mostly thighs like small mushroom having pin head
On asking about her likes and dislikes patient revealed that during sun she feels uncomfortable all her anxieties worries rises and settle down with sun .
From the above data collected following symptoms were recorded :
1   Anticipation matters before they occur and generally correctly
2   Despair of Recovery
3   Dreams   Frightful
4   Confusion of mind
5   Daytime Agg: Sunrise to sunset
6   Menses dark difficult to wash off
7   Pain Abdomen as if  Menses would appear
8   Warts  : pedunculated : pinheads ,with, like button mushrooms on thighs and various parts of body and thighs

After  Repertorisation  Medorrhinum -200   single dose was dispensed


Patient discontinued all other medicines. The follow up reports were highly encouraging as patient had regular menstrual cycles till next six months .She again had complaint of delayed menses when another dose of Medorrhinum -200 dispensed and her cycle was normal again .
On 8-4-13 Patients father expired of Ca .Patient again had no menses for next 2 mnths .Patient had always been having symptoms of pain abdomen as if menses would appear.
On 15-6-13  Medorrhinum- 200 dispensed again .
Flow started on 17-6-13   having tremendous pain in head with profuse menses. She complained of  having stomach disorders esp. during menstrual flow.
On enquiring further following symptoms were recorded.
1         Menses  generally in daytime
2         Menses  ameliorates on lying down
3         Menses with stomach troubles.
4         Pain in forehead pulsating throbbing beating during menses
5         Pain in forehead pulsating throbbing beating during menses relieved by motion .

On  Repertorising Pulsatilla was indicated and amazingly giving one dose of Pulsatilla 200 all her complaints were cleared.


This is a beautiful presentation of remedy relationships in Homoeopathy. Pulsatilla being acute of Medorrhinum brought beautiful results and clearly defines how one medicine is closely related to other .It is necessary to know whether the phenomena presented in a given case are of sycotic, syphilitic or tubercular origin; for the totality grouping of the symptoms must be around the symptoms of the active miasm. Thus we can see that in Hahnemann's method the totality of the symptoms includes the signs and symptoms of the miasms classified by their layers and listed according to their development. The active miasm is the center on which the totality of symptoms is built so that the remedy chosen matches the underlying miasm syndromes. The symptoms should be arranged in such a manner so that it is easy for the homoeopath to see the layers of the case so they will know what to expect next.


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Excellent mam...after 3-4yrs.I hv seen homoeopathic case ...u r devoted to homoeopathy...

Dr.Mayuri Sanghvi said...

homoeopathy has lot to offer to ailing humanity.